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The leaders of today require a new set of skills to find solutions to current challenges.

At RootSpring, you’ll learn a proven leadership model no matter where you are in the world. You’ll tap into your strengths and weaknesses, and discover your true calling. You’ll learn how to use the powerful tools of engaged listening and discernment to create meaningful change. After only a few weeks with us, you will build the skillset and capacity to lead with empathy in a rapidly changing world. We offer online, in-person, and hybrid learning opportunities.

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RootSpring では、世界のどこにいても実証済みのリーダーシップ モデルを学ぶことができます。 自分の強みと弱みを活用し、自分の真の使命を発見します。 熱心な傾聴と洞察力という強力なツールを使用して、有意義な変化を生み出す方法を学びます。 わずか数週間の勤務で、急速に変化する世界で共感を持ってリーダーシップを発揮できるスキルセットと能力を身につけることができます。 オンライン、対面、ハイブリッドの学習機会を提供します。

Voices of Our Participants

I would recommend this course to those friends who are willing to create a positive impact in society understanding their identity and core values.

Shristi, from Nepal, Social Leadership Pilot, 2021

A kind courtesy to QS World Merit & RootSpring (formerly iLEAP). I am grateful for the experience and insight. It was just refreshing meeting like minded individuals around the world.

Confidence, from Ghana, Social Leadership Pilot, 2021

The personal stories and videos about belonging really got me. It was really an eye opener. Now I’m inspired to tell my story and also help other people tell their story to create impact.

Ayomikun, Nigeria, Social Leadership Pilot, 2021

I had a rich and meaningful learning experience even though all of the sessions were online. I intend to demonstrate leadership in everyday life by unashamedly sharing my opinions and being a role model. I will not let others silence me, especially as a woman in our society.

Mia, United States, Women in Leadership, 2021

I learned that I need to first listen and understand the situation, then choose the leadership approach that is best applicable. I know being adaptable and agile will significantly help my future career in the medical field.

Fumiaki, Japan, Global Leadership 101, 2020