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Leadership Training and

for teens and young adults

educational programming

Education for Transformation

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Grow your communication

skills in just a few weeks

and decision-making

Education for Transformation

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Expand your network

online and in-person

and global community

Education for Transformation

RootSpring Course Offerings

We offer everything from customized programs to hybrid-learning for high school student and young professionals.

RootSpring participants have shared great feedback on their experience.

  • RootSpring’s program gave me a BIG chance to transform myself. Thanks to RootSpring, I have wonderful community where I have deep trust and acceptance.

  • I now understand my leadership style and will work in my community to be a more influential and compassionate leader for others.

  • What I really realized after RootSpring is that it’s all about how I am, not where I am or what I do. How I am is the key to change the society and I deeply understand what I learned at RootSpring.