English for Transformational Leadership

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English for Transformational Leadership

Expand your horizons with an English course designed for the leaders of tomorrow

Improve your English and have fun doing it. Learn the English communication skills of a transformational leader. In this course, you’ll gain confidence in writing, comprehension, and speaking skills. You’ll focus on the leadership specific vocabulary needed to achieve your goals.

Approx. 12 hrs.
3 weeks.
All languages welcome!
USD 299
Max 16 people

About the Program

Whatever your level. Wherever you are. English communication skills for the leaders of tomorrow.

Get hands-on experience listening and speaking through weekly virtual lessons. You’ll gain confidence by practicing in small groups. An initial English proficiency exam assures you’ll be in a group that challenges without overwhelming you.

Plus, you’ll get access to one-on-one instruction for the topics you find most challenging. With such a focused approach to English, you’ll be surprised how much you can improve. But the benefits of this course aren’t just limited to leadership. The English skills you gain will help you land exciting job opportunities, travel the world, or feel more comfortable moving to an English-speaking country. No matter your goals, this course will have a tremendous positive impact on your life.

Dynamic English Instruction that focuses on what’s important to you

Learn the crucial English vocabulary surrounding leadership. Each lesson is designed to maximize your value by teaching skills you can use immediately in other Global Leadership Academy courses . You’ll gain confidence in your ability to use your English skills for transformational leadership.

Give yourself an advantage with a certificate from an American University

Stick out from the crowd with a certificate recognizing your hard work and English communication skills. Whether applying to college for the first time, graduate school, or your first job, this certificate will show you have the skills to be successful.

Other Universities can charge more than $1,000 for similar programs. Choosing to learn with iLEAP and Western Washington University gives you a world-class education for an affordable price. Yet you’ll still get small class sizes and personal attention. It’s an incredible opportunity to gain a critical skill needed for future success at an incredible value.

Flexible scheduling to meet the demands of your busy life

Complete this course in as little as three weekends. There are multiple course start dates so you can easily pick the best time for you. Virtual group lessons are 2.5 hours or less, helping you gain valuable skills quickly without interrupting your life. You’ll complete additional coursework during the week whenever it works best for you.

Course Details

English for Transformational Leadership Course Overview

Group Video sessions on Saturday and Sunday (1 to 2.5 hours each)

  • Weekend 1: Saturday and Sunday
  • Weekend 2: Saturday and Sunday
  • Weekend 3: Saturday

Additional coursework completed offline.

Recommended for: young adults with low-intermediate or intermediate English proficiency

Western Washington University


English for Transformational Leadership is led by instructors from Western Washington University

The ETL course is a collaboration between RootSpring and Western Washington University. ETL instructors come from the WWU Intensive English Program (IEP) and have years of experience teaching and working across cultures and, most importantly, know how to nurture and facilitate learning within each individual participant.

Bellingham, WA, USA
All languages welcome